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Height above the sea
Dunkerry Beacon, one of the highest points of Exmoor, near Minehead. Weather cloudy, with light rains. From two observations, one at Porlock Quay, the other at Minehead Quay, the Barometer had fallen 0.14 inches in 5 hours 1784
Top of Brendon hills in the road between Minehead and Dulverton 1210
North hill above Minehead 1000
Highest point in the road between Barnstaple and Ilfracomhe 900
Linton Church-yard, in the North of Devonshire 428
Exmoor, about 4 miles south of Linton; one of the highest points on the Devonshire side of Exmoor 1608
Hill called Hangman, near Comb-Martin 1093
Hill about 1 mile east of the Hangman 1168
Yester, near Okehampton, one of the highest points of Dartmoor, above the Inn at Okehampton, 1561 feet 2077
The height of the Inn at Okehampton 516
Hastings, Sussex.
General Roy's station near the Windmill on Fairlight Common 588
East Cliff 190
Hill above the East Cliff 313
Castle Hill 180
Castle Cliff 135
Western height 382
Shakespear's Cliff 310
Summit of Castle-hill, beyond the turnpike 390
Dorking, Surry.
Heights above the bed of the Mole.
Box-hill about 300
Headley Church, and the highest part of the wood on Mickleham Downs 466
Norbury park 292
Bench beyond the summit of the park 320
Leith hill tower 803
Beech Trees on the south side of Headley Common 585