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Actinolite rock, mass of in gneis, in the Island of Oransa 186
Adularia, found at Tintagel 424
Agate pebbles, found in Sky 188
———————— found at Kinnoul, described 225
————————————————, difficulty of describing the manner of their formation 226
———————— of the Giant's Causeway, the parallel plates lie in a horizontal position 419
———————— decomposition of, in the gravel of Litchfield 428
Aikin, Arthur, Esq. Notice of some peculiarities observed in the gravel of Litchfield 426
————————, Notice on Shropshire witherite 488
————————, on a green waxy substance found near Stockport 445
Alcyonia, found in the sandstone at Whorlbury Camp 218
Allen, William, F.R.S. Barometrical Measurements, by 434
Alluvium, of Northumberland and Durham described 95
————, account of a remarkable deposit of in Sky 189
Alumine, its use when combined with lime for mortar 433
Aluminous Strata, at Campsie, Mr. Mackintosh, on the 445
Analcime, of a brick red colour, found in Sky 188
Anatase, on the primitive crystal of 250
Asbestus, found in Melmerby scar 88
Avanturine, a variety of quartz rock 272
Augite, found in grains imbedded in the basalt of Teesdale 74
Augit rock, a rock of the trap family so called 182
Baculites, found by Mr. Hony, near Maestricht 312
Barometrical Measurements, by Mr. Allen and Mr. Woods 434
Barytes, Sulphate of, Mr. Phillips on the primitive crystal of 233
————, on the cleavage of 246
Basalt occurs in the lead mine measures of Northumberland 73
———— sometimes a regular bed in them 73