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"a consummation devoutly to be wished "by every reputable inhabitant of New South Wales. That colony is now completely saturated with the depravity to which the transportation system, as it has hitherto been carried into operation, has necessarily given birth; and the addition of fresh importations of criminals, at the rate of three thousand annually, to be disposed of as they have hitherto been in the colony, will only increase and aggravate that depravity. In short, from the facts I have already adduced, it must be evident that New South Wales is no longer a fit place for the transportation of criminals under the existing system of colonial management, whether the object of the imperial legislature be the prevention of crime in England, or the reformation of transported criminals.

At the same time, conceiving as I do, for reasons already stated at considerable length, that the transportation of criminals to the continent of New Holland is a most valuable provision of the criminal jurisprudence of the empire, and that no other means of equal efficiency can possibly be devised for ridding the mother country of a large portion of its culprit population, and for eventually transforming a considerable portion of that population into reputable citizens; I shall now point out such changes as it appears to me indis-