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the whole of that debt, but had purchased allotments of ground in the town of Sydney, where the minimum price of land is £1000 per acre, on which they had built two story stone-houses, and had sons at the Australian College, for whom they were actually paying £10 or £12 a year, in order to their receiving a liberal education, before I left the colony on my present voyage, i. e. in four years and a half after their arrival in New South Wales. Out of such materials, there will be no difficulty in eventually forming a colonial aristocracy.

The soil and climate of the country adjoining Moreton Bay would suggest the propriety of encouraging the settlement of emigrants from the continent of Europe, and especially from the German provinces on the Rhine, in that district; several of the productions which it is practicable to raise, in that part of the colonial territory, being altogether different from those to which persons trained to agricultural pursuits in the United Kingdom are at all accustomed. The practice of encouraging Protestants from the continent of Europe to settle in the British provinces of America, and to carry their industry and their arts along with them, was pursued systematically in the early part of the last century. General Oglethorpe, an extensive proprietor in the colony of