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As the present governor of New South Wales is generally understood to be a Whig, with a tendency to Radicalism in the matter of colonial church establishments; and as I have no hesitation in avowing my belief and conviction that such a modification of political opinions on the part of a governor is incomparably better for the good government of that colony than the absolute and unmixed Toryism of his predecessor, General Darling; the preceding remarks will, I trust, not be interpreted as a manifestation of that spirit of party which prevails in the colonies with perhaps greater bitterness than at home, and which subjects all the actions of political opponents to undistinguishing condemnation. My sole object in these pages is the moral renovation of my adopted country; and the policy I would reprobate and oppose to the utmost, is the policy of those only, who would either preclude or retard the accomplishment of that object of transcendent importance, or recklessly sacrifice it to others of temporary and inferior moment.

The estimated expenditure of the government of New South Wales, for the year 1837, is £240,673. 11s.d. To meet that expenditure, there are Ways and Means, including the sum of £80,000, which is calculated as the probable balance of the revenue of Crown lands, after de-