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allowing for births and the increase from immigration and the importation of convicts, since the census of 1833. It follows, therefore, that the consumption of ardent spirits in New South Wales amounts at present to 3⅝ imperial gallons annually for every man, woman, and child in the colony; the entire consumption for the united kingdom being one gallon and a small fraction for each individual. Allowing, however, for convicts in actual bondage, to whom spirits are not issued, and for children and other natives of the colony, who are generally indisposed lo the use of ardent spirits, the number of the actual consumers of this vast quantity of intoxicating liquor does not, in all probability, exceed 40,000 persons; each of whom must consequently consume at the enormous rate of upwards of seven gallons a year! If, therefore, the increase of crime in the united kingdom is imputed in no small degree to the increased consumption of ardent spirits, what result can reasonably be expected from the transportation system, either in the way of preventing crime or of reforming criminals, in a colony in which the consumption is so enormously higher than in Great Britain and Ireland?

During the period of his actual bondage, the convict is understood not to be allowed ardent spirits; but in the service of private settlers he