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Sails from Jidda — Konfodah — Ras Hel'i. boundary of Arabia Felix — • Arrives at Loheia — Proceeds to the Straits of the Indian Ocean — Ar- rives there Returns by Azab to Loheia.

IT was on the 8th of July 1769 I failed from the harbour of Jidda on board the fame veffel as before, and I fuffer- ed the Rais to take a fmall loading for his own account, up- on condition that he was to carry no paflengers. The wind was fair, and we failed through the Englifh fleet at their anchors. As they had all honoured me with their regret at parting, and accompanied me to the fhore, the Rais was fur- prifed to fee the refped paid to his little veffel as it pafTed under their huge Herns, every one hoifting his colours, and faluting it with eleven guns, except the fliip belonging to my Scotch friend, who mewed his colours, indeed, but did not fire a gun, only Handing upon deck, cried with the

trumpet, " Captain wifhes Mr Bruce a good voyage."

I Hood upon deck, took my trumpet, and anfwered, " Mi- Bruce wifhes I aptain a fpeedy and perfed return of

his underflanding ;" a wifh, poor man, that has not yet been accomplifhed, and very much to my regret, it does not appear probable that ever it will, That night having pafT- ed