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From 1540 to 1559.

Prosperous Beginning of Claudius's Reign — Christopher de Gama lands in Abyssinia — Prevented by the Rainy Season from joining the King — Battle of Ainal — Battle of Offalo — Christopher de Gama Slain — Battle of Isaacs Bet — Moors defeated and their general Slain — Abyssinian Army defeated — Claudius Slain — Remarkable Behaviour of Nur, Governor of Zeyla General of the Moors,

CLAUDIUS succeeded his father David III, being yet young, and found the empire in circumstances that would have required an old and experienced prince. But, though young, he possessed those graceful and affable manners which, at first sight, attached people of all forts to him. He had been tutored with great care by the empress Helena, was expert in all warlike exercises, and brave beyond his years. — So say the Abyssinian annals; and though I have not thought myself warranted to depart from the letter of the context, yet it is my duty to the reader to shew him how this could not be.

Claudius was born about the 1522; the empress Helena died in 1525. From this it is plain, the first three years of