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From 1605 to 1632.

Socinios embraces the Romish Religion — War with Sennaar — With the Shepherds — Violent Conduct of the Romish Patriarch — Lasta rebels — Defeated at Wainadega — Socinios restores the Alexandrian Religion — Resigns his Crown to his Eldest Son

SOCINIOS, now universally acknowledged as king, began his reign with a degree of moderation which there was no reason to expect of him. Often as he had been betrayed, many and inveterate as his enemies were, now he had them in his power, he fought no vengeance for injuries which he had suffered, but freely pardoned every one, receiving all men graciously without reproach or reflections, or even depriving them of their employments.

Being informed, however, that one Mahardin, a Moor, had been the first to break through that respect due to a king, by wounding Za Denghel at the battle of Bartcho, he ordered him to be brought at noon-day before the gate of