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but, perhaps, if the circumstances of the times were fully known, he may have been a wise one.


From 1680 to 1704.

Brilliant Expedition of the King to Wechne — Various Campaigns against the Agows and Galla - Comet appears — Expedition against Zeegam and the Eastern Shangalla — Poncet's Journey — Marat's Embassy — Du Roule's Embassy — Du Roule murdered at Sennaar — The King is assassinated.

Yasous succeeded his father Hannes with the approbation of the whole kingdom. He had, as we have seen, twice in Hannes's life-time absconded from the palace; and this was interpreted as implying an impatience to reign. But I rather think the cause was a difference of manners, his father being extremely bigotted, sordid, and covetous; for he never, in those elopements, pretended to make a party contrary to his father's interest, nor shewed the least inclination to give either the army or the people a favourable impression of himself, to the disadvantage of the king. There was, besides, a difference in religious principles. Yasous had a great predilection for the monks of Debra Li-