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lution. Even after the king's death was known to be real, for many years afterwards there were people of credit at different times found, who said they had met him at sundry places alive; whether by instigation for any particular purpose, or not, is difficult to say.

From 1729 to 1753.

Rebellion in the beginning of this Reign — King addicted to hunting — To building, and the Arts of Peace — Attacks Sennaar — Loses his Army — Takes Samayat— Receives Baady King of Sennaar under his Protection.

Besides the queen, mother of Yasous, Bacuffa had several other wives and divers children by them; none of them, however, had any degree of interest, or many followers, owing to the very singular practice of Bacuffa, already mentioned, in not admitting to his bed, from the time of his coming to the crown, any women except the queen, mother of Yasous, without having first so far intoxicated them with liquor as to produce an oblivion of all that passed at the interview. Some say this arose from his own jealous ideas; but the