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for their fize, quantity, or goodnefs. The bell are thofe of Mai Gogua, a clear and pleafant rivulet, running very vio- lently and with great noife. This circumftance, and igno- rance of the language, has milled the reverend father Je- rome, who fays, that the water of Mai Gogua is called fo from the noife that it makes, which, in common language, is called guggling. This is a miflake, for Mai Gogua Sig- nifies the river of owls..

There are many agreeable fpots to the foufh-eaft of the convent, on the banks of this river, which are thick-fhaded with wood and bullies. Adowa confifts of about 3oohoufes and occupies a much larger fpacc than would be thought necefTary for thefe to ftand on, by reafon that each houfe has an inclofure round it of hedges and trees • the chiefly the wanzey. The number of thefe trees fo planted in all the towns, fcreen them fo, that, at a diftance, they appear fo many woods. Adowa was not formerly the capi- tal of Tigre, but has accidentally become fo upon the accef- fion of this governor, whofe property, or paternal eftate, lay in and about it. His manfion-houfe is not dillinguifh- ed from any of the others in the town uniefs by its fize ■ it is fituated upon the top of the hill. The perfon who is Michael's deputy, in his abfence, lives in it. It refembles ar prifon rather than a palace ; for there are in and about it above three hundred perfons in irons, fome of whom have been there for twenty years, moflly with a view to extort money from them ; and, what is the moll unhappy, even when they have paid the fum of money which he afks, do not get their,deliverance from his mercilcfs hands; mofl of them are kept in cages like wild beafts, and treated every way in the fame manner.