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king's money that I had in ray hands. When day-light is fairly come, for we do not know the changes a night may- produce in this country, take half a dozen of your fervants ; I will fend with you my fon and four of my fervants ; you will call at Alata, go down and fee the cataract, but do not (lay, return immediately, and, Ullab Kerim, God. is merci- ful."

I thanked my kind landlord, and let him go; but-recollec- ting, called him again, and afked, " What lhail I do withNet- cho ? how fhall 1 rejoin him ? my company is too fmall to pafs Mairfha without him." — " Sleep in peace, fays he, I will pro- vide for that. I tell you in confidence, the king's money is in my hands, and was not ready when the Ras palled ; my fon is but juft arrived with the laft of it this evening, tired to death ; I fend the money by Netcho, and my fon too, with forty flout fellows well armed, who will die in your fervice, and not run away like thofe vagabond Chriftians, in whom you muft place no confidence if danger prefents itfelf, but immediately throw yourfelf among the Maho- metans. Befides, there are about fifty foldiers, moil of them from Tigre, Michael's men, that have been loitering here thefe two days. It was one of thefe that fired the gun juft before you came, which alarmed Netcho ; fo that, when you are come back in fafety from the cataract, they mall be, by that time, all on their march to the paffage. My fon fhall mount with you ; I fear the Nile will be too deep, but when once you are at Tfoomwa, you may fet your mind at reft, and bid defiance to Woodage Afahel, who knows his enemy always before he engages him, and at this time will not venture to interrupt your march."