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©ragne, where the latter was flain, and an end, for a time, put°to the moil difailrous war that ever Abyffinia was en- gaged in. At half after eleven we paffed Guanguera on our left hand ; it is a collection of many villages, at about ten miles diftance ; and at mid- night we had Degwaffa on our right and Guanguera on our left. At half pail twelve we again relied at the fide of a fmall river, of which I know not the name: we were now in the flat country of Maitfha, de- fending very gently fouthward. At three quarters part one in the morning of the firft of November I alighted at two fmall villages, whofe huts were but jail finifhed, about 500 yards from the two trees that were in the front of our army, when after pafling the Nile at that dangerous ford near the jemm'a, we offered Fafil battle at Limjour, which was the place we were now again come to, but in better health and fpirits than before.

Shalaka Woldo, upon my obferving to him that I was happy to fee the people again railing their houfes which Michael had deftroyed, faid, with a barbarous kind of fmile, « Aye, and fo am I too ; for if thofe two villages had not been built, we mould have had no fire- wood at Kelti to-night;" by which he meant, that the Galla, who were behind him, and whofe next flation was the banks of the river Kelti, would pull down all the new-built houfes, in order to carry fire- wood along with them ; and indeed we faw traces of fome houfes which had been newly built, and Hill as newly de- ftroyed, the wood of which, partly kindled, and partly lying on the ground, ferved us for'our fire that night at Kelti. I found myfelf exceedingly indifpofed, and could fcarcely force on a couple of hours tin '.her, when we came to the

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