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The King promises Leave to the Author to depart — Receives a Reinforcement from Shoa — Amiable Carriage of Amha Yasous — Striking Contrest between him and a Prince of the Galla — Bad State of the King's Affairs,

IT was the 31st of December that we were at Koscam. A proclamation had been made some days before of a general pardon to all that would return to Gondar; but no one had ventured but Ayto Engedan, who was with Fasil as the king's friend; nor were any of those who went with Fasil the object of the proclamation, for it was not thought that the retiring from Socinios with Fasil was doing anything against their allegiance.

That night the bodies of Guebra Denghel, Kefla Mariam, and Sebaat Laab, were taken down from the tree and laid upon the ground; after having been watched in the