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On the 11th we continued our journey in our former road, till we arrived at the church of Abbo; we then turned to the right, our courſe N. by E. and at three quarters paſt nine relied under the mountain on the right of the valley; our road lay Hill through Goutto, but the country here is neither ſo well inhabited nor ſo pleaſant as the weſt ſof the Nile. At eleven, going N. N. E. we paſſed the church of Tzion, about an eight part of a mile diſtant to E. N. E.; we here have a diſtincſt view of the valley thro' which runs the Jemma, deep, wide, and full of trees, which continue up the ſides of the mountains Amid Amid. At a quarter pall eleven we paſted a ſmall ſtream coming from the weſt, and at twelve another very dangerous river called Utchmi, the ford of which is in the midil of two cataracts, and the ſtream very rapid; after paſſing this river, we entered a narrow road in the midſt of bruſhwood, pleaſant and agreeable, and full of a kind of foxes[1] of a bright gold colour. At three quarters paſt one we halted at the houſe of Shalaka Welled Amlac, with whom I was well acquainted at Gondar; his houſe is called Welled Abea. Abbo, from a church of Abbo about an eight part of a mile diſtant.

I have deferred, till the preſent occaſion, the introducing of this remarkable character to my reader, that I might not trouble him to go back to paſt tranſactions that are not of conſequence enough to interrupt the thread of my narrative. Soon after I had ſeen part of the royal family, that had

  1. I ſuppoſe this to be the animal called Lupus Aureus; it is near as large as a wolf, and lives upon moles.