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  1. Gondar,
  2. King's palace.
  1. King's palace on the River Kaha.
  2. Mahometan town on the River Kaha.

A The king marches from his camp to F by the road D and E.
GG The two bodies of horse.
HH Line of infantry, muscets, and lances alternately,
I Guebra Mascal in ambush, in the face of the banks of the Mariam, among the bushes.
KK Powussen's march from his camp at Correva.
LL Powussen's first appearance in disorder.
MM Powussen's line formed in the front of the king.
NN The army of Begemder galloping to charge the king, receive a close fire from Guebra Mascal hid in the bank at I, and immediately after from the king's line HH.
OO Part of the army of Begemder wheeling to the left, and flying over the plain in disorder.
PP The king, with his reserve following the right of the Begemder horse.
QQ The right of the Begemder horse pursued by the king, having rallied.

RR The Begemder horse turn so surround the king at SS, and drive him to the edge of the Bank.
T The king escaping down the bank, crosses between the pools of the River Mariam, and enters the valley.
V The king arrived in the valley, is joined by the foot that ran scattered down by the bank.
W Engedan detached from the camp by Ras Michael, joins the king.
X Musketeers detached by Michael, take post on the south side of the long hill.
Y Part of the king's musketry posted on a rocky ground on the south side of the valley.
Z The king's troops under Kefla Yasous filing down the narrow road from the plain above into the valley, with the heavy armed horse behind him.
a Guebra Mascal drawn up at the foot of the banks, makes way by his fire for the black horse to take post in the king's front.