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Rebel Army invests Gondar — King's troops deliver up their Arms — The Murderers of Joas put to death — Gusho made Ras — Ras Michael carried away Prisoner by Powussen — Iteghe returns to Koscam — Fasil arrives at Gondar — King acknowledged by all Parties — Bad Conduct of Gusho — Obliged to fly but is taken and put in Irons,

ABOUT eight o'clock in the morning of the 29th of May, the day immediately following the night of our retreat, came Gusho's Fit-Auraris, and marked out the camp for his mailer between the Mahometan town and the church of Ledeta, on the very spot where Michael had encamped after his late return from Tigre; Coque Abou Barea from Ledeta to Koscam; Aylo and Ayabdar on the other side of the Kahha, in a line passing by Kedus Raphael, the Abuna's house at the foot of the mountain, above Debra Berhan; Ayto Tesfos in the valley below, by the side of the Angrab; on the road from Woggora to Gondar, and all along the