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From Hor-Cacamot to Teawa, Capital of Atbara,

IT was on the 17th of March that we set out from Hor-Cacamoot on our journey to Teawa, capital of the province of Atbara, Our course was N. N. W. through thick brushwoods, with a few high trees; our companions being eleven naked men, with asses loaden with falt. We had several interruptions on the road. At three in the afternoon we encamped at Falaty, the east village of Ras el Feel, a little to the northward. A small mountain, immediately north from this village, the one end of which is thought to resemble the head of an elephant, gives the name to the village and the province*. This mountain stretches in a direction nearly north

  • Ras el Feel signifies the head of an elephant.