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Transactions at Teawa — Attempts of the Shekh to detain the Author there - Administers Medicines to him and his Wives — Various Conversations with him, and Instances of his Treachery,

AT the passage of the small river, about a quarter of a mile from Teawa, we were met by a man on horseback, cloathed with a large, loose gown of red camlet, or some such stuff, with a white muslin turban upon his head, and about so naked, beggarly servants on foot, with lances, but no shields; two small drums were beating, and a pipe playing before them. He flopt upon my coming near them, and affected a delicacy in advancing to falute me, he being on horseback, and I upon a mule, for my horse was led behind, saddled and bridled, with a loose blue cloth covering him. Soliman, who first accussed him, told him it was the custom of Abyssinia not to mount horses but in time of