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Kind Reception at Assouan—Arrival at Cairo—Transactions with the Bey there—Land at Marfeilles

WITHOUT congratulating one another on their escape and safe arrival, as they had the ight before at Abou Seielat, my companions with one accord ran to the Nile to drink; though they had already seen, in the course of the journey two or three tragical instances, the consequences of intemperance in drinking water. I sat myself down under the shade of the palm-trees, to recollect myself. It was very hot, and I fell into a profound sleep. But Hagi Ismael, who was neither sleepy nor thirsty, but exceedingly hungry, had gone into the town in search of somebody that would give him food. He was not gone far before his green turban and ragged appearance struck some brethren janizaries, who met one of whom asked him the reason of his being there, and whence he came? Ismael, in a violent passion, and broken Arabic, said, that he was a