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things again put to rights. To avoid any inconveniencies of that nature, the workman must be very particular in ascertaining the exact strength of his boiling ley. When English ashes are used, the strength of a boiling ley (according to the former calculation), is, 18/128; when foreign ashes, 22/128 parts, or, as they are commonly designed, carats. We shall here set down the former calculation of the different degrees of strength of the leys, for the greater convenience of the operator, in the form of a table.

128 parts, or 4 ounces.
64/128 ditto or- 2 ounces— 1st division.
32/128 ditto or- 1 ounce— 2d division.
16/128 ditto or- 8 drams— 3d division,
8/128 ditto or- 4 drams— 4th division.
4/128 ditto or- 2 drams— 5th division.
2/128 ditto or- 1 dram— 6th division,
1/128 ditto or- half a dram— 7th division.