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His Majeſty's Forces in Holland.

Lawder's Regiment 13 44 104 780 928
William Collins's Regiment 13 44 104 780 928
Muray's Regiment 13 44 104 780 928
Ferguſon's Regiment 13 44 104 780 928
Stranaver's Regiment 13 44 104 780 928
———————— 13 44 104 780 928
All the Forces in Holland 78 264 624 4680 5568
SO that his Majeſty's
   whole Army conſiſts of






Of theſe ſeven thouſand, eight hundred, and ſeventy ſeven, are Foreigners, which is the firſt foreign Army that ever ſet Foot in England, but as Enemies.

Since the writing of this I am informed, that Brudenall's Regiment is in Being, and that Eppinger's Dragoons are in Engliſh Pay, which if true, will make the whole Army ſixty odd thouſand Men; but in this as well as many other Parts of the Liſt I may be miſtaken, for which I hope I ſhall be excuſed, when I acquaint the Reader that I was forced to pick it out from accidental Diſcourſes with Officers, having applied to my Lord R—'s office without Succeſs, though I made ſuch Intereſt for it as upon another Occaſion would not have been refuſed.

If the Prince of Orange in his Declaration, inſtead of telling us that we ſhould be ſettled upon ſuch a Foundation that there ſhould be no Danger of our falling again into Slavery, and that he would ſend back all his Forces as ſoon as that was done, had promis'd us that after an eight Years War (which ſhould leave us in Debt near twenty Millions) we ſhould have a Standing Army eſtabliſhed, a great many of which ſhould be Foreigners, I believe few Men would have thought ſuch a Revolution worth the Hazard of their Lives and Eſtates; but his