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drop. She interested me less when I felt well, and notwithstanding my active night I felt comparatively well this morning. Since I could not get him to take my weakness seriously I told him my grievance against nurse.

"When she hears I am to go down next week she will have a fit. I wish for once you would use your medical authority and tell her I am on no account to be contradicted or thwarted."

"I'll tell her so if you like, but I never see her. She runs like a rabbit when I come near."

"You are not professional enough for her taste, there are too few examinations and prescriptions. How is my unsatisfactory lung, by the way? Give a guess, something scientific to retail. I must keep Ella informed."

"There has not been time for the physical signs to have cleared up yet. I'll listen if you like, but after seeing all those specialists I should have thought you were tired of saying '99'."

"They varied it sometimes. '999' seems to be the latest wheeze."

"I wish you had not left off seeing Margaret," he sighed.

"It is a pity," I laughed at him. "You should not have dropped giving me the morphia so soon."

"You wouldn't have it."

"It was dulling my brain. I felt myself growing stupid and more stupid."