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"You seemed interested."

"I was thinking how we were going to get through the two days. What I had ever seen in you, why I thought I liked you so much."

He was quite dumb by now, the sunken eyes were full of pain, the straight austere mouth was only a line; he no longer touched the hem of her dress.

"You left me in the garden of the hotel when you went to book a room, to leave your bag. I sat on a seat in the garden and looked at the sea, the blue wonder of the sea, the jagged coast-line, and one rock that stood out, then hills and always more hills, the sky so blue, spring in the air. Gabriel …" she leaned forward, touched him lightly on the shoulder. A deep flush came over his face, but he did not move nor put up his hand to take hers. "You were only gone ten minutes. I could not have borne for you to have been away longer. There were a thousand things I wanted to say to you, that I knew I could say to no one but you. About the spring and my heart hunger, what it meant."

"And when I came out I suppose all you remembered was that I had cut myself shaving?"

She seemed astonished at the bitterness of his tone.

"You are not angry with me, are you?"

"No! Not angry. How could I be?"

"When you came out and I felt rather than saw