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I hoped I should be able to remember them, but hardly doubted it, for others came, even better than these, and then in consequence, sleep. …

Benham said in the morning:

"Whatever did you take another pill for? Was anything the matter with you? You could have called me up."

"But you might have argued with me."

"I am sure I don't know what good a nurse is to you at all!"

"You would be invaluable if you would only get it into your head that I am not a mental case. Don't you realise that I am a very clever woman, quite as clever as you?"

"I don't call it clever to retard your own recovery."

"Am I going to recover?" I asked quickly.

"Your beloved Dr. Kennedy says you are."

"By the way, is he coming to-day?"

"It isn't many days he misses."

"He comes to protect me from you, to see I have some few privileges and ameliorations of my condition, that my confinement is not too close, my gaoler too vigilant."

We understood each other better now, and I could chaff her without provoking anything but a difficult smile. I, of course, was a bad patient. I found it difficult to believe that I ought not to try and over-