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ming calmly, with happy handsome eyes. They met mine. One who was beside me said :

"That is your sister Julia. See how happy she looks, and content..."

Then everything was gone and I woke up in my quiet bedroom, the fire burning low and Ella in the chair by my side.

"Do you want anything?" She leaned over me for the answer.

"I have just seen Julia."

She hushed me, tears were in her reddened eyes. Our sister Julia had been dead two years, to our unextinguishable sorrow.

"Don't cry, she is very happy."

I told her my dream. She said it was a beautiful dream, and I was to try and sleep again.

"Why are you sitting up?" I asked her.

"It is not late," was her evasive reply.

Many nights after that I saw her sitting there, I forgot even to ask her why, I was too far gone, or perhaps only selfish. I did not know for a long time whether it was night or day. I always asked the time when I woke, but forgot or did not hear the answer, drank obediently through the feeding-cup, the feeding-cup was always there; enormously large, unnaturally white, holding little or nothing, unsatisfactory. Once I remember I decided upon remaining awake to tell poor Ella how much better I felt...