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"Next week you will come again. Will it be the same between us?"

"I will come whenever you let me. With me it will always be the same, or more. Sometimes I cannot believe that it is to me this is happening. To me, Gabriel Stanton! What is it you find in me? Sometimes I think it is only your own sweet goodness; that what you expressed in seeing me this time you will find again and again disappointment; that I am not the man you think me, the man you need."

"Am I what you thought I would be? Are you satisfied with me?"

"I am overpowered with you."

She stole a look at him. His close and thin-lipped mouth had curves that were wholly new, his sunken eyes were lit up. She was secretly enraptured with him.

"I thought you very grave and severe when I first came to the office. What did you think of me?"

"What I do now, that you were wonderful. After you left I could not settle to work … but I have told you this."

"Tell me again. Why didn't you say something nice to me then ? You were short, sharp, non-committal. I went away quite downcast, I made sure you did not want my poor little book, that you would write and refuse it, in set businesslike terms."