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andering talk, who would keep her and Gabriel company on their walks and drives for the next two days.

But Providence, or a broken chain in the sequence of the Roope Christian Science treatment, came to her aid. On Saturday Anne was prostrated with headache.

"She has never been able to bear a railway journey."

"Does she explain?"

"I went in to see her. 'If only I had faith enough,' she moaned, and asked me to send Mrs. Roope a telegram. I persuaded her to five grains of aspirin, but I could see she felt very guilty about it. She will sleep until the afternoon."

"We can leave her?"

"Oh, yes! I doubt if she will be well awake by dinner, certainly not before."

"Let us get away from here, from Carbies and Pineland …"

"Right to the other side of the island. We could lunch at Ryde. I'll get a car."

Nothing suited either of them so well today as a long silent drive. The car went too fast for them to talk. Retrospect or the comparison of notes was practically impossible. They sat side by side, smiling rarely, one at the other as the spring burst into life around them. The tall hedges were full of may blossom, with here and there a flowering currant,