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"Oh, yes, there was. I sent for a copy of Mrs. Eddy's lucubrations."


"Of course I did. I had to make myself acquainted with a subject on which I should be compelled to talk."

"What a wonderful woman you are."

"Not at all. If she had been a South Sea Islander I'd have welcomed her with shells or beads. Tell me, have I made a success? Will she give her consent?"

"Have you given yours, have you really given yours? You have never said so in so many words."

"Well, the implication must have been fairly obvious." The eyes she turned on him were full of happy laughter, almost girlish. Since yesterday she had had this new strange bloom of youth. "Don't tell me your sister has not guessed."

"I told her."

"You told her! Well! I never! as Stevens would say. And you were pretending not to know!"

"I only said you had never put it into words. Say it now, Margaret, out here, this wonderful Sunday."

"What am I to say?"

"Put your little hand in mine, your sweet flower of a hand." He took it.

"Not a flower, a weed. See how brown they