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Greece, where every stone is hallowed ground to you. All the white new buildings shall be blotted out and you may turn your back on the museum…"

"I shall only want to look at you."

"No, on rocks and the blue Ægean Sea. No, we won't go to Greece at all. You will be so learned, know so much more than I about everything. I shall feel small, insignificant."

"Never. Bigger than the Pantheon."

"We will go to Sicily instead, go down among the tombs."

"I bar the tombs."

"Contradicting me already. How dare you, sir?"

So the time passed in happy fooling, but often their hands met, the under-currents between them ran swift and strong, deep too. Then it was time for lunch. It was Margaret who suggested they would be in time to meet Anne, walk up to the house with her. Nothing had been said about Dr. Kennedy. Gabriel had meant to broach the subject, only touch it lightly, suggest if she still needed medical attendance some one older, less interested might perhaps be advisable.

But he never did broach the subject, it had been impossible on such a morning as this, she in such a mood, he in such accord with her. Anne, when they met her, dashed them both a little. She twittered