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"That would be nice, wouldn't it? But I am always so busy, and now that I have my treatment it is so much more difficult to get away …"

A kiss was avoided. Margaret went to the hall door with them, but not to the station. Gabriel had asked her not to do so.

"You ought to rest after yesterday."

"Yes, of course she ought to rest," Anne chorussed. There was a certain awkwardness in the farewells, somewhat mitigated by the luggage that occupied, so to speak, the foreground of the picture. As they drove away Anne nodded her head, threw a kiss. But neither Margaret nor Gabriel was conscious of her condescension, only of how long it was from now until next Friday.

"I am glad that is over," Anne said complacently, as the carriage turned through the gates. "It was very trying, very trying indeed. In many ways she is quite a nice person. But not suited to us, in our quiet lives. Divorced too! I thought there was something last night. So … so overdressed and peculiar. I am glad I came down before things had gone any further …"

"Further than what?" Gabriel asked her, waking up, if a little slowly, to the position. "Margaret and I are to be married in about a month's time. You shall stay on in the flat if you wish. I think I shall be able to arrange … Have you