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setting the stage and noting the audience; all for her glorification.

When they parted on that Sunday night they could scarcely tear themselves asunder. Three weeks seemed so long, so desperately long. Margaret, woman of moods, suddenly launched at him that they would have no honeymoon at all. He was to look for the house at once, to find it without difficulty.

"Then I'll come up and confirm; set the painters to work, begin to look for things."

Gabriel pleaded for his honeymoon.

"But it will all be honeymoon."

"I want you all to myself; for at least a little time. I won't be selfish, but for a little while, just you and I …"

He must have pleaded well, for though she made him no promise in words he knew she had answered "yes" by her eyes downcast, and breath that came a little quicker, by the clinging hands, by finding her in his arms, her undenying lips.