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But that there was space for one he was sure. There was a powder room off the drawing-room.

"In a clergy house?"

"I am not sure it was a clergy house."

"Or that there is a powder room!"

"It may have been meant for books.' Anyway, there is one like it on the next floor."

"Where a bath could be put?"

"Yes, I think so. I am not sure. You will have to see it yourself. Nurse yourself for a few days and then come up."

"For a few days! That is good. Why, I am all right now, tonight. There, feel my pulse." She put her hand in his and he held it; her hand, not her pulse.

"Isn't it quite calm?"

"I don't know…I am not."

"I shall go up with you on Monday morning, or by the next train."

He argued with her, tried to dissuade her, said she was still pale, fatigued. But the words had no effect. She said that he was too careful of her, and he replied that it was impossible.

" When a man has been given a treasure into his keeping…" She hushed him.

They were very happy tonight. Gabriel may still have had a misgiving. He knew money ought never to have been paid as blackmail. That the trouble should have come through Anne, Anne and her