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There was no doubt the hæmorrhage was coming to an end, and I was no longer shivering and apprehensive. He felt my pulse and said it was "very good."

"The usual cackle!" I was able to smile.

"I shouldn't talk if I were you." He smiled too.

"You will be quite comfortable in half an hour."

"I am not uncomfortable now." He laughed, a low and pleasant laugh.

"She is wonderful, isn't she?" he said to Benham. Benham was clearing away every evidence of what had occurred, and I felt how competent they both were, and again that I was in good hands. I was glad Ella was asleep and knew nothing of what was happening.

Dr. Kennedy was over at the chest of drawers again.

"I'll leave you another dose," he said, and they talked together. Then he came to say "good-bye" to me.

"Can't I sleep by myself? I hate any one in the room with me." I wanted to add, "it spoils my dreams," but am not sure if I actually said the words.

"You'll find you will be all right, as right as rain. Nurse will fix you up. All you have to do is to go to sleep. If not she will give you another dose. I've left it measured out. You are not afraid, are you?"