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"It is there right enough."

"Oh! don't be like nurse," I said impatiently. "I am strong enough to look at the packet."

He gave it to me, into my hands, an ordinary brown paper parcel, tied with string and heavily, awkwardly, splotched and protected with sealingwax. I could have sworn to his handiwork.

"Why are you smiling?" he asked.

"Only at the neatness of your parcel." He smiled too.

"I tied it up in a hurry. I didn't want to be tempted to look inside."

"So you make me guardian and executrix..."

"Margaret herself said you were to have them," he answered seriously.

"She didn't tell you so. You have only my word for it," I retorted.

"Better evidence than that, although that would have been enough. How else did you know they were in existence? Why were you looking for them?"

The parcel lay on the quilt, and all sorts of difficulties rose in my mind. I would not open it unless I was alone, and I was never alone; literally never alone unless I was supposed to be asleep. And, thanks to codein, when I was supposed to be asleep the supposition was generally correct! Thinking aloud, I asked Dr. Kennedy:

"Am I out of danger?"