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Of Government.

over his children, over thoſe of his own ſpecies ; and ſo he was not made ruler, or monarch, by this charter.

2. That by this grant God gave him not private dominion over the inferior creatures, but right in common with all mankind ; ſo neither was he monarch, upon the account of the property here given him.

§. 25. I. That this donation, i. Gen. 28. gave Adam no power over men, will appear if we conſider the words of it : for ſince all poſitive grants convey no more than the expreſs words they are made in will carry, let us ſee which of them here will comprehend mankind, or Adam's poſterity, and thoſe, I imagine, if any, muſt be theſe, every living thing that moveth : the words in Hebrew are, חיה חךמשת​ 'Beſtiam Reptantem, of which words the ſcripture itſelf is the beſt interpreter : God having created the fiſhes and fowls the 5th day, the beginning of the 6th, he creates the irrational inhabitants of the dry land, which, v. 24. are deſcribed in theſe words, let the earth bring forth the living creature after his kind; cattle and creeping things, and beaſts of the earth, after his kind, and, v. 2. and God made the beaſts of the earth after his kind, and cattle after their kind, and every thing that creepeth on the earth after his kind : here, in the creation of the brute inhabitants of the earth, he firſt ſpeaks of them all under one general name, of living crea-