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ELSON, William H. SEE

Junior high school literature. R60345.
Literature and life. R60344.

EMBRYO. SEE Eight comedies for little theatres. R56583.

THE EMERALD TRAIL, by John Frederick [pseud. of Frederick Faust] (In Western story magazine, Feb. 25, 1922) © 21Feb22, B522173. R58512, 13Feb50, Dorothy Faust (W)

EMERSON, Alice B., pseud. SEE

Betty Gordon at Mountain Camp. R57828.
Ruth Fielding on the St. Lawrence. R57824.

EMERSON, William Robie Patten. SEE

Nutrition and growth in children. R58395.

THE EMINENT DR. DEEVES, by Irvin S. Cobb. (In Current opinion, June 1923) © 21May23, B577410. R62727, 29May50, Laura Baker Cobb (W)

THE EMPTY-HANDED, a play in one act, by Isabel Wilder. © 13Jul22, D61458. R57504, 20Jan50, Isabel Wilder (A)

THE ENCHANTED APRIL, by the author of "Elizabeth and her German garden" [i. e. Mary Annette Beauchamp Russell, countess] © 5Jan23, (pub. abroad 31Oct22, AI-4698), A696165. R56839, 6Jan50, Mrs. Corwin M. Butterworth (C), Mrs. Eustace Graves (C) & H. B. Arnim (C)

THE ENCYCLOPAEDIA BRITANNICA. The new vols., constituting, in combination with the 29 vols. of the 11th ed., the 12th ed. Pacific Ocean islands to Zuloga. (3d of the new vols.; v. 32) © 6May22, A674021. R58514, 10Feb50, Encyclopaedia Britannica, inc. (PCW)

ENCYCLOPAEDIA Britannica, inc. SEE

The Encyclopaedia Britannica. R58514.

THE END AND YET THE BEGINNING, by Marion V. O'Donnell [Leeman] Half figure of Christ dead on cross, also showing half of arms, a stream of light illuminating the face. © 29Jan23, G67703. R61650, 1May50, Marion V. O'Donnell Leeman (A)

THE ENEMY; THAT MAN GETS ON MY NERVES, by Hugh Walpole. (In Metropolitan with the girl of today, June 1923) © 23May23, B578801. R62733, 29May50, Rupert Hart-Davis (E), F. A. S. Gwatkin (E) & Alan Bott (E)

L'ENFANT TRUQUÉ, pièce en 3 actes de Jacques Natanson. © 26Dec22, D63163. R59615, 14Mar50, Jacques Natanson (A)

ENGLISH CHILDHOOD [Wordsworth's treatment of childhood in the light of English poetry from Prior to Crabbe] by A. Charles Babenroth. (Studies in English and comparative literature) © 20Mar23, A698720. R60034, 22Mar50, Marie L. Babenroth (W)

ENGLISH IN SERVICE, complete, by W. Wilbur Hatfield and A. Laura McGregor. © 18Sep22, A686352. R61615, 27Apr50, W. Wilbur Hatfield (A) & A. Laura McGregor (A)


Facing old age. R57004.

ESCRICH, Enrique Perez. SEE Perez Escrich, Enrique.

ESSAYS AND STUDIES, PROSE SELECTIONS FOR COLLEGE READING, edited by Frederick M. Smith. © 17May22, A674619. R62181, 8May50, Frederick M. Smith (A)

ESSENTIAL PRINCIPLES OF TEACHING READING AND LITERATURE IN THE INTERMEDIATE GRADES AND THE HIGH SCHOOL, by Sterling Andrews Leonard. (Lippincott's educational series) © 14Jul22, A681681. R57580, 23Jan50, Mrs. Sterling Leonard (W)

ESSENTIALS OF MODERN PHYSICS, by Charles E. Dull. © 29Sep22, A686325. R56701, 4Jan50, Mary Louise Sprague (C)

EUCLID'S OUTLINE OF SEX, by Wilbur D. Birdwood, illus. by Herb Roth. © 26Oct22, A683927. R56698, 4Jan50, Wilbur D. Birdwood (A)

EUPHORBIA, by Gene Stratton Porter. © Jeannette Porter Meehan (C)

(In Good housekeeping, Jan. 1923) © 20Dec22, B567091. R56308, 21Dec49.
(In Good housekeeping, Feb. 1923) © 20Jan23, B568421. R57771, 24Jan50.
(In Good housekeeping, Mar. 1923) © 20Feb23, B571299. R59146, 23Feb50.

EUROPE IN 1922, after the Treaties of Versailles, St. Germain, Neuilly, Trianon and Sevres, by William F. Westermann. (Westermann's classical and historical map series) © 28Oct22, F38628. R59534, 13Mar50, Rand, McNally & Co. (PWH)

EVAN HARRINGTON, by George Meredith; introd. by George F. Reynolds. (The Modern student's library) © on introd.; 5May22, A661652. R61731, 28Apr50, George F. Reynolds (A)

EVANS, Delia Julia. SEE

The black tulip. R58414.

EVANS, William. SEE

The shepherd psalm. R56736.
What every Christian should believe. R60761.

EVARTS, Hal George. SEE

Fur sign. R63238.
The settling of the sage. R56779.

THE EVENING POST, a century of journalism, by Allan Nevins. © 6Nov22, A686878. R57737, 25Jan50, Allan Nevins (A)

EVERYDAY MANNERS FOR AMERICAN BOYS AND GIRLS, by the faculty of the South Philadelphia High School for Girls. Illustrated by Ethel G, Taylor. © 4Apr22, A659495. R59671, 20Mar50, Lucy L. W. Wilson (A)

EVERYDAY USES OF ENGLISH, by Maurice H. Weseen. © 19May22, A674652. R62126, 11May50, Thomas Y. Crowell Co. (PWH)

EXAMINATION IN CLERICAL WORK, by Louis Leon Thurstone. (Thurstone employment tests, form A) © 7Sep22, A687041. R59431, 14Mar50, L. L. Thurstone (A)

EXAMINATION IN TYPING, by Louis Leon Thurstone. (Thurstone employment tests, form A) © 7Sep22, A687040. R59430, 14Mar50, L. L. Thurstone (A)

THE EXCITERS, a photoplay in six reels by Famous Players-Lasky Corp. © 3Jun23, L19025. R63350, 15Jun50, Paramount Pictures Corp. (PWH)

EXERCISE BOOK, to accompany Actual business English, by P. H. Deffendall. © 1Aug22, A681162. R60450, 5Apr50, P. H. Deffendall (A).

EXERCISES ON FRENCH IRREGULAR VERBS AND VERB BLANKS, by E. B. de Sauze. © 18Aug22, A677937. R56688, 4Jan50, E. B. de Sauze (A)

EXPLORERS OF THE DAWN, by Mazo de la Roche, with foreword by Christopher Morley. (New Borzoi series) © 13Feb22, A659005. R56323, 27Dec49, Mazo de la Roche (A)

EXTEMPORE PLAYING (forty lessons in the art of keyboard composing) by A. Madeley Richardson. © 28Mar22, A661134. R58637, 20Feb50, Elfrida Richardson Pollak (C), Mary Madeley Richardson (C) & Evelyn Madeley Souter (C)

LA EXTRANA AVENTURA DE MARTIN PEQUET, comedie en 4 actos de Pierre Chaine. Version castellana de Enrique Fernandez Gutiérrez Roig y Luis de los Rios. © 31Jul22, D62856. R63741, 28Jun50, Enrique Fernandez Gutierrez Roig (A)

EYRE, Edith. SEE

Letty Penn nut breed. R57484.


THE FACE BETWEEN, a photoplay in five reels by Metro Pictures Corp. © 24Apr22, L17800. R61358, 21Apr50, Loew's inc. (PWH)

THE FACE ON THE BARROOM FLOOR, a photoplay in six reels by Fox Film Corp. © 31Dec22, L19137. R57081, 12Jan50, Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corp. (PWH)

FACING OLD AGE, by Abraham A. Epstein. © 24Mar22, A661058. R57004, 11Jan50, Abraham Epstein (A)

THE FAIR REWARDS, by Thomas Beer. © 13Feb22, A659007. R56503, 30Dec49, Alice Beer (sister)


Traité théorique et pratiqu du violoncelle. R60796.

FAIREST FLOWER OF PARADISE, by Alexis M. LePicier. © 6Oct22, A683846. R63318, 19Jun50, Benziger Bros., inc. (PWH)

FAIRSTAR, Mrs., pseud. SEE Horne, Richard Henry.

THE FAIRY BOOK, by Dinah Maria Mulock [Craik] Illus. by Louis Rhead. © on illus., 6Dec22, A692448. R60242, 30Mar50, Stephen Yates (NK of Louis Rhead)

THE FAIRY FOUR LEAF, outdoor plays for girls, by Carola Bell [Williams] © 9Jun23, A705822. R63126, 13Jun50, Carola Bell Williams (A)

FAIRY PRINCE, and other stories, by Eleanor Hallowell Abbott. © 28Oct22, A686629. R57194, 17Jan50, Eleanor Hallowell Abbott (Mrs. Fordyce Coburn) (A)

FALK, Henri. SEE

Dis que c'est toi. R61028.
Monsieur l'amour. R59094.


Madame Pompadour. R59408 ...

A FAMILY MAN, in three acts, by John Galsworthy. © 12May22, A681012. R60526, 10Apr50, Ada Galsworthy (W)

FAMOUS HANG TREES OF CALIFORNIA GOLD DAYS, by Harry C. Peterson. (In the Oakland tribune, Apr. 8, 1923) © 8Apr23, A668200. R63249, 6Jun50, Lillian Claire Peterson (W)

FAN, a poem, by L. Stewart Barr. © 10Jun22, A679856. R59375, 9Mar50, L. Stewart Barr (A).