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       Father Conmee, reading his office, watched a flock of muttoning clouds
over Rathcoffey. His thinsocked ankles were tickled by the stubble of
Clongowes field. He walked there, reading in the evening, and heard the cries of
the boys’ lines at their play, young cries in the quiet evening. He was their
rector : his reign was mild.
       Father Conmee drew off his gloves and took his rededged breviary out.
An ivory bookmark told him the page.
       Nones. He should have read that before lunch. But lady Maxwell had come.
       Father Conmee read in secret Pater and Ave and crossed his breast. Deus
in adiutorium.
       He walked calmly and read mutely the nones, walking and reading till
he came to Res in Beati immaculati : Principium verborum tuotum veritas : in
eternum omnia iudicia iustituæ tuæ.
       A flushed young man came from a gap of a hedge and after him came a
young woman with wild nodding daisies in her hand. The young man raised
his hat abruptly : the young woman abruptly bent and with slow care detached
from her light skirt a clinging twig.
       Father Conmee blessed both gravely and turned a thin page of his
breviary. Sin : Principes persecuti sunt me gratis : et a verbis tuis formidavit cor


       Corny Kelleher closed his long daybook and glanced with his drooping
eye at a pine coffinlid sentried in a corner. He pulled himself erect, went to it
and, spinning it on its axle, viewed its shape and brass furnishings. Chewing
his blade of hay he laid the coffinlid by and came to the doorway. There he
tilted his hatbrim to give shade to his eyes and leaned against the doorcase,
looking idly out.
       Father John Conmee stepped into the Dollymount tram on Newcomen
       Corny Kelleher locked his largefooted boots and gazed, his hat downtilted,
chewing his blade of hay.
       Constable 57 C, on his beat, stood to pass the time of day.
        That’s a fine day, Mr Kelleher.
        Ay, Corny Kelleher said.
        It’s very close, the constable said.