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caloric. Winding of his ticker. Stopped short never to go again when the old.
Absinthe for me, savvy? Caramba! Have an eggnog or a prairie oyster. Enemy?
Avuncular’s got my timepiece. Ten to. Obligated awful. Don’t mention it.
Got a pectoral trauma, eh, Dix? Pos fact. Got bet be a boomblebee whenever
he wus settin sleepin in hes bit garten. Digs up near the Mater. Buckled he is.
Know his dona? Yup, sartin, I do. Full of a dure. See her in her dishybilly.
Peels off a credit. Lovey lovekin. None of your lean kine, not much. Pull down
the blind, love. Two Ardilauns. Same here. Look slippery. If you fall don’t wait
to get up. Five, seven, nine. Fine! Got a prime pair of mincepies, no kid. And
her take me to rests and her anker of rum. Must be seen to be believed. Your
starving eyes and allbeplastered neck you stole my heart, O gluepot. Sir? Spud
again the rheumatiz? All poppycock, you’ll scuse me saying. For the hoi
polloi. I vear thee best a gert wool. Well, doc? Back fro Lapland? Your
corporosity sagaciating O K? How’s the squaws and papooses? Womanbody
after going on the straw? Stand and deliver. Password. There’s hair. Ours
the white death and the ruddy birth. Hi! Spit in your own eye, boss.
Mummer’s wire. Cribbed out of Meredith. Jesified orchidised polycimical jesuit!
Aunty mine’s writing Pa Kinch. Baddybad Stephen lead astray goodygood
       Hurroo! Collar the leather, youngun. Roun wi the nappy. Here, Jock
braw Hielentman’s your barleybree. Lang may your lum reek and your kailpot
boil! My tipple. Merci. Here’s to us. How’s that? Leg before wicket. Don’t
stain my brandnew sitinems. Give’s a shake of pepper, you there. Catch
aholt. Caraway seed to carry away. Twig? Shrieks of silence. Every cove to
his gentry mort. Venus Pandemos. Les petites femmes. Bold bad girl from the
town of Mullingar. Tell her I was axing at her. Hauding Sara by the wame.
On the road to Malahide. Me? If she who seduced me had left but the name.
What do you want for ninepence. Machree, Macruiskeen. Smutty Moll for a
mattress jig. And a pull altogether. Ex!
       Waiting, guvnor? Most deciduously. Bet your boots on. Stunned like
seeing as how no shiners is acoming, Underconstumble? He’ve got the chink
ad lib. Seed near free poun on un a spell ago a said war hisn. Us come
right in on your invite, see? Up to you, matey. Out with the oof. Two bar
and a wing. You larn that go off of they there Frenchy bilks? Won’t wash
here for nuts nohow. Lil chile velly solly. Ise de cutest colour coon down our
side. Gawds teruth, Chawley. We are nae fou. We’re nae the fou. Au reservoir,
Mossoo. Tanks you.