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                                               the watch
       (Saluting together.) Night, gentlemen. (They move off with slow heavy tread.)

       (Blows.) Providential you came on the scene. You have a car?...

                                           corny kelleher
       (Laughs, pointing his thumb over his right shoulder to the car brought up
against the scaffolding.) Two commercials that were standing fizz in Jammet’s.
Like princes, faith. One of them lost two quid on the race. Drowning his grief
and were on for a go with the jolly girls. So I landed them up on Behan’s car
and down to nighttown.

       I was just going home by Gardiner street when I happened to...

                                           corny kelleher
       (Laughs.) Sure they wanted me to join in with the mots. No, by God,
says I. Not for old stagers like myself and yourself. (He laughs again and leers
with lacklustre eye.) Thanks be to God we have it in the house what, eh, do
you follow me? Hah! hah! hah!

      (Tries to laugh.) He, he, he! Yes. Matter of fact I was just visiting an old
friend of mine there, Virag, you don’t know him (poor fellow he’s laid up
for the past week) and we had a liquor together and I was just making my
way home...

              (The horse neighs.)

                                               the horse
       Hohohohohohoh! Hohohohome!

                                           corny kelleher
       Sure it was Behan, our jarvey there, that told me after we left the two
commercials in Mrs Cohen’s and I told him to pull up and got off to see. (He
laughs.) Sober hearsedrivers a specialty. Will I give him a lift home? Where
does he hang out? Somewhere in Cabra, what?