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                     nod Bloom conveys his gratitude as that is exactly what Stephen
                     needs. The car jingles tooraloom round the corner of the tooraloom
                     lane. Corny Kelleher again reassuralooms with his hand. Bloom with
                     his hand assuralooms Corny Kelleher that he is reassuraloomtay. The
                     tinkling hoofs and jingling harness grow fainter with their tooralooloo
                     looloo lay. Bloom, holding in his hand Stephens hat festooned with
                     shavings and ashplant, stands irresolute. Then he bends to him and
                     shakes him by the shoulder.)

       Eh! Ho! (There is no answer; he bends again.) Mr Dedalus! (There is no
answer.) The name if you call. Somnambulist. (He bends again and, hesitating,
brings his mouth near the face of the prostrate form.) Stephen! (There is no
answer. He calls again.) Stephen!

       (Groans.) Who? Black panther vampire. (He sighs and stretches himself,
then murmurs thickly with prolonged vowels.)
                                               Who... drive... Fergus now.
                                               And pierce... wood’s woven shade?...

              (He turns on his left side, sighing, doubling himself together.)

       Poetry. Well educated. Pity. (He bends again and undoes the buttons of
Stephen’s waistcoat.) To breathe. (He brushes the woodshavings from Stephen’s clothes
with light hands and fingers.) One pound seven. Not hurt anyhow. (He listens.)

                                                        ...shadows... the woods.
                                                        ...white breast... dim...

              (He stretches out his arms, sighs again and curls his body. Bloom holding
                     his hat and ashplant stands erect. A dog barks in the distance. Bloom
                     tightens and loosens his grip on the ashplant. He looks down on
                     Stephen’s face and form.)