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corporal, inasmuch as complete mental intercourse between himself and the
listener had not taken place since the consummation of puberty, indicated by
catamenic hemorrhage, of the female issue of narrator and listener, 15
September 1903, there remained a period of 9 months and 1 day during which
in consequence of a preestablished natural comprehension in incomprehension
between the consummated females (listener and issue), complete corporal
liberty of action had been circumscribed.

       By various reiterated feminine interrogation concerning the masculine
destination whither, the place where, the time at which, the duration for
which, the object with which in the case of temporary absences, projected or

       What moved visibly above the listener’s and the narrator’s invisible
       The upcast reflection of a lamp and shade, an inconstant series of concentric
circles of varying gradations of light and shadow.

       In what directions did listener and narrator lie?
       Listener : S. E. by E. : Narrator N. W. by W. : on the 53rd parallel of
latitude, N. and 6th meridian of longitude, W. : at an angle of 45° to the
terrestrial equator.

       In what state of rest or motion?
       At rest relatively to themselves and to each other. In motion being each and
both carried westward, forward and rereward respectively, by the proper
perpetual motion of the earth through everchanging tracks of neverchanging

       In what posture?
       Listener : reclined semilaterally, left, left hand under head, right leg
extended in a straight line and resting on left leg, flexed, in the attitude of
Gea-Tellus, fulfilled, recumbent, big with seed. Narrator : reclined laterally, left,
with right and left legs flexed, the indexfinger and thumb of the right hand resting
on the bridge of the nose, in the attitude depicted on a snapshot photograph
made by Percy Apjohn, the childman weary, the manchild in the womb.