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        It struck me too, Martin Cunningham said.
       Mr Bloom set his thigh down. Glad I took that bath. Feel my feet quite
clean. But I wish Mrs Fleming had darned these socks better.
       Mr Dedalus sighed resignedly.
        After all, he said, it’s the most natural thing in the world.
        Did Tom Kernan turn up? Martin Cunningham asked, twirling the
peak of his beard gently.
        Yes, Mr Bloom answered. He’s behind with Ned Lambert and Hynes.
        And Corny Kelleher himself? Mr Power asked.
        At the cemetery, Martin Cunningham said.
        I met M’Coy this morning, Mr Bloom said. He said he’d try to come.
       The carriage halted short.
        What’s wrong?
        We’re stopped.
        Where are we?
       Mr Bloom put his head out of the window.
        The grand canal, he said.
       Gasworks. Whooping cough they say it cures. Good job Milly never got
it. Poor children! Doubles them up black and blue in convulsions. Shame
really. Got off lightly with illness compared. Only measles. Flaxseed tea.
Scarlatina, influenza epidemics. Canvassing for death. Don’t miss this chance.
Dogs’ home over there. Poor old Athos! Be good to Athos, Leopold, is my
last wish. Thy will be done. We obey them in the grave. A dying scrawl. He
took it to heart, pined away. Quiet brute. Old men’s dogs usually are.
       A raindrop spat on his hat. He drew back and saw an instant of shower
spray dots over the grey flags. Apart. Curious. Like through a colander. I
thought it would. My boots were creaking I remember now.
        The weather is changing, he said quietly.
        A pity it did not keep up fine, Martin Cunningham said.
        Wanted for the country, Mr Power said. There’s the sun again
coming out.
       Mr Dedalus, peering through his glasses towards the veiled sun, hurled
a mute curse at the sky.
        It’s as uncertain as a child’s bottom, he said.
        We’re off again.
       The carriage turned again its stiff wheels and their trunks swayed gently.
Martin Cunningham twirled more quickly the peak of his beard.