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OF the reaſons which induced me to undertake this work, and oſ the difficulties that have attended its execution, it will be enough, at this time, to obſerve, that the former originated in the wiſh of ſo a friends, whom I was deſirious to oblige; and that the latter would hardly have been ſurmounted, without the liberal aſſiſtance of the Bench and the Bar, which I ſhall ever be proud to acknowledge.

Perhaps, indeed, there never was a book, for the faults of which the Publiſher is ſo entirely subject to cenſure, and yet ſo little entitled to praiſe for its merits. The opinions of the reſpectible Courts, upon many of the moſt important points, the Chief Justice, and Mr. President Shippen, obligingly permitted me to tranſcrible from their notes; ſeveral of the deciſions, previous to the year 1787, were kindly furniſhed by Mr. Rawle; the briefs of the different counſel were, on every application, freely communicated; and each caſe, before it was ſent to the preſs, underwent the examination of the preſiding Judge of the Court in which it was determined. Beſides theſe advantages, with refſpect to the materials of this compilation, I have remarked a candid diſpoſition among the members of the profeſſion, to excuſe any defects or inacuracies that may appear, in the mere ſtyle and mode of publication; And, therefore, I anticipate with pleaſure, that, as a conſequence of ſuch encouragement and indulgence, ſome one, more able, will