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542 OCTOBER TERM, 1907. D?/s/ons on Petit/ohs for Writ? of Certimm'k 209 U.S. April 14, 1908. Decided April 20, 1908. Per Curiare. Decree of United States Circuit Court of Appeals reversed with co?ts and decree of Circuit Court of the United Statc? for the Eastern District of Arkansas affirmed ?ith costs and cause remanded to that court. Ballard v. Hunter, 204 U.S. 241. Mr. A. B. $ha[er, Mr. L. P. Berry and Mr. James K. Jones for petitioners. No appearance for respondents. No. 171. TaE SAVINGS DEPOSIT BANE & TRUST COMPANY OF ELYRIA? OHIO? APPELLANT, 1L NATHAN LOESER? TRUSTEE OF THE ESTATE OF CXSSXE L. CHADWICK, BANI(RUr'r. Appeal from the United States Circuit Court of Appeals for the Sixth (ircuit. Argued April 13 and 14, 1908. Decided April 27, 1908. Per Curiare. Appeal dismissed for the want of jurisdiction. Chap- man, trustee, &c., v. Bowen, 207 U.S. 89; and see Bank v. Kl?, 186 U.S. 202. General Order XXXVI. Mr. John C. Hale and Mr. IV. IV. Boynton for appellant. Mr. Amos Butt Thompson, Mr. Charles P. Hine, Mr. Nathan Izeser, Mr. Frederick L. Taft and Mr. C. K. Arizr for appellee. No. {}?0. JAMES S. YEATES, APPELLANT, V. GEOROE B. ROBEa- SON? SHERIFF, ETC. Appeal from the District Court of the United States for the Southern District of Georgi.'a. Argued and submitted April 27, 1908. Decided May 4, 1908. Per Curiare. Final order affirmed. Mr. John Randolph Cooper for appellant. Mr. John C. Hart for appellee. Decisions on Petitions [or Writs o[ Certiorari [rom Feb- ruary 25 to May 4, 1908. No. 571. CsAax?s C. MAY, PETITIONEl/, V. THE UlqrrEo $T?TF?. March 2, 1908. Petition for a writ of certiorari to