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TREATY WITH THE MIAMI INDIANS. J UNE 5, 1854. 1097 and ninety-nine cents, and in the year one thousand eight hundred and sixty, from the portion duo the Miamis of Indiana, the sum of eight hundred and fifty-three dollars and sixty-eight cents, and from the portion due those west, the sum of seven hundred and one dollars and three cents. Amxcm 7. Citizens of the United States or other persons not mem- sememm of bers of said tribe, shall not be permitted to make locations or settlements UW ¤¤d¤d !¤¤•i¤· iu the ceded country, until after the selections bercinbcforc provided for have been made; and the provisions of the act of Congress approved March third, one thousand eight hundred and seven, in relation to lands ceded to 'the United States, shall, so far as the same are app1ica.blc,•bc extended to the lands herein ceded. AR·r1cL1·: 8. The debts of Indians contracted in their private dealings Private debts as individuals, whether to traders or otherwise, shall not be paid out of the §° “ °h”{§.: °” general fund. And should any of said Indians become intcmpemtc or 1;,3 abandoned, and waste their property, the President may withhold any swung thaidlg moneys due or payable to such, and cause them to be paid, expended or ¤¤di¤*°¤¤P€¥`¤*°· applied, so as tocnsure the bcneét thereof to their families. ARTICLE 9. The said Indians promise to renew their efforts to prevent Conduct of the the introduction and use of ardent spirits in their country, to encourage I¤‘”“”· industry, thrift, emd morality, gud by every possible means to promote their advancement in civilization. They desire to be at peace with all men, and they bind themselves not to commit depredations or wrong upon either Indians or citizens; and should difficulties at any time arise, they will abide by the laws of the United States in such cases made and provided, as they expect to be protected, and to have their rights vindicated by those laws. Amrcma 10. It is agreed that all roads and highways, laid out by Construction authority of law, shall have right of way through the lands herein reserved, °f *°°·d*· on the same farms as arc provided by law when roads and highways are made through lands of citizens of the United States; and railroad companies, when the lines of their roads necessarily pass through the lands of the said Indians, shall have right of way on the payment of a just compensation therefor in money. Amvxcnm 11. The object of this instrument being to advance the Futum mangointerests of said Indians, it is agreed, if it prove iusufftcient, from causes ;*£¤:::g§Egg“‘ which cannot now be foreseen, to effect these ends, that the President of this mQy_ may, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, adopt such policy in tho management of their aifairs, as in his judgment may be most bene- Hcial to them; or Congress may, hereafter, make such provision by law, as experience shall prove to be necessary. ARTICLE 12. It is agreed that the first instalment of the fourteen Apgggation of thousand two hundred and twenty-three dollars and fifty cents, mentioned KM MF J:?:? in the fourth article, being the accumulation of the poor, infirm, and me mm Wy, education fund, shall be applied, under the direction of the President, to ments. purposes of education; and that a sufficient sum shall annually be set apart out of the payments to the Miamis west of Missouri, so long as any of the annuities herein provided for shall continue, to be expended under the direction of the chiefs, for the support of the poor and infirm, and for dcfraying any expenses of the tribe of a civil nature. AB.•1*1cLm 13. It is hereby agreed that the sum of six thousand five $>gm;¤;>;X; hundred dollars may be set apart from each of the first four annual pay- gl aymm, ,0 ments to be made to the Miamis west, and applied as fgr as It may be theghamis wen. necessary to the settlement of their affairs. It js also agreed that so much as may be necessary for the repair of their xml.] and sct1001—hpusc, shall hmsefu °° °° ' be set apart from amy fund now on hand bclouging to saxd Ixxctmns, or be taken from any of the first. instalments in this instrument prowdcd for: Amxcmc 14. This instrument shall be obligatory on ttm contmctmg parties whenever the same shall be ratified` by the President and the Senate of the United States. v01,. 'x. TREAT.- 138