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THIRTY-—SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 108. 1852. 07 For the payment of the balance due the Commonwealth of Massachu— Massachusetts. ~ setts, under the fifth article of the treaty of Washington, for balance of expenses incurred by said State in protecting the north-eastern frontier, the same having been heretofore settled at the Treasury of the United States, but unpaid for want of an appropriation, three hundred and five dollars and eighty-one cents. For payment of balance found due by the Comptroller of the Tree- M“i“°· sury to the State of Maine, under the fifth article of the treaty of Washington, for expenses on account of the north-eastern boundary over and above the appropriations made, two thousand two hundred and twelve dollars and seventy-eight cents. And the accounting officers of the Treasury are hereby directed, in the Interest on ndsettlement of the claims under the act of March third, eighteen hundred "‘f§§fbg{1°g1“°‘ and fifty-one, “ authorizing the payment of interest upon the advances· ' made by the State of Maine for the use of the United States Government in the protection of the north—ca,stern fi·ontier," to embrace the interest, whether paid or lost, prior or subsequent to the years eighteen hundred and thirty-nine, eighteen hundred and forty, and eighteen huudred and forty-one, named in said act, upon the sums expended by said State and refunded by the United States, according to the terms of said act, as well as during said years. That the library committee be authorized to sell any works in the We of b0¤b library which were rendered imperfect by the late fire, and appropriate byuw the proceeds of said sale to the purchase of other works. T0 enable the Secretary of State to purchase one hundred copies of tI£*d°X *0 Smthe Synoptical Index, to complete the series of Statutes at Large here- a ”g°° tofore authorized by law, at three dollars and fifty cents per volume, three hundred and fifty dollars. Sm. 2. And be it further enacted, That the clerks, messengers, watch- Comnlensnfion men, and laborers employed at an annual salary, or in temporary posi- ggugéfg Snr3g: tions, in the Executive and Legislative Departments of the Government mm, and Labor. in the city of Washington, whose annual compensation does not exceed °1'S»i¤°F°¤·*°d· twelve hundred dollars, shall, in addition thereto, be allowed an increased 1854,c;,_52,§ 2_ compensation of twenty per cent. ; all whose compensation shall exceed twelve hundred dollars; and shall be less than sixteen hundred dollars, shall receive am additional compensation of ten per cent. upon the amount _ of their salaries: Provided, That no salary shall be increased to more P"°““°· than sixteen hundred dollars by the per cent. or additional compensation herein provided for, and that the same shall be paid out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated: Provided, Proviso. That this section shall not extend to more than one salary of any person receiving a. salary for discharging the duties of more than one office at the same time, or to any person who does not actually P S Un discharge the duties of the 0Hicc for which he receives such salary, for $$3;. (EQ? or to any person engaged in prosecuting any claim other than his ants not to geown, before any of the Departments or Congress; and that in case any tm m` pay or accounting officer of the Government shall pay said additional per ccntage to any such pcrson, it shall be a. misdemeanor in the person Penney forvioknowingly paying or receiving such additional per centage, rendering £gg%;° WS Pm each liable to indictment and punishment by Hue and imprisonment: '_ Provided, further, That the increase of salary given by this section shall Y¤>V¤¤¤· not extend beyond the present fiscal year without further legislation. And the Secretary of the Treasury is hereby directed to contract, for Contract with a. tcrm not more than one year, and upon the most reasonable terms, not gézfiggi °f;”·b' exceeding one per cent., with the proprietors of one, and, if practicable, California, with those of more than one, assaying establishment in California, upon satisfactory security, to be judged by him, who shall discharge the duties prescribed and in the manner designated by the act making appropriations for the civil and diplomatic expenses of Government for the year vox,. x. Pm:.-13