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586 THIRTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 268. 1854. advertisements, and bidders to be referred to the several navy agents and chiefs of bureaux, who will furnish them with printed schedules, giving 2, full description of each and every article, with dates of delivery, &:c. Mmm, ,,0,,,,, _ Marino Corps. For pay of the officers, non-commissioned officers, musicians, and privates, clerks, messengers, stewards, and servants; for rations and clothing for servants, subsistence and additional rations for five years’ service of officers; for undrawn clothing and rations, bounties for re-enlistments and pay for unexpired terms of previous service, two hundred and thirty- seven thousand one hundred and sixteen dollars and forty-four cents ; That the non-commissioned officers, musicians, and privates of the United States marine corps, shall be entitled to, and receive the same pay and bounty for re—enlisting as are now or may hereafter be allowed to the non-commissioned officers, musicians, and privates in the infantry of the army; For provisions for marines serving on shore, twenty-nine thousand nine hundred and eighty-four dollars and seventy-Eve cents ; For clothing, fifty-two thousand and sixty-four dollars ; For fuel, fourteen thousand one hundred and ninety-four dollars and fifty cents; For military stores, repairs of arms, pay of armorer; for accoutrements, ordnance stores, llags, drums, lifes, and musical instruments, eight thousand dollars; For transportation of officers and troops, and expenses of recruiting, twelve thousand dollars; For repairs of barracks, and rent of temporary barracks and offices, six thousand dollars; For contingencies, viz.: freight, ferriage, cartage, and wharfage; compensation to judges-advocate; por diem for attending courts martial and courts of enquiry; for constant labor, house rent in lieu of quarters, burial of deceased marines, printing, advertising, stationery, forage, postage, pursuit of doserters, candles, oil, straw, furniture, bed-sacks, spades, shovels, axes, picks, and carpenters’ tools, expense of a horse for messenger, pay of matron, washerwoman, and porter, for the hospital at headquarters, twenty-five thousand dollars ; _Rs¤ppropn¤.- For the reappropriation of the following sum carried to the surplus

    • 0**- fund, under the provisions of the tenth section of the act entitled "An act

making appropriations for the civil and diplomatic expenses of the govern- 1852, ch. 108. ment for the year ending the thirtieth of June, one thousand eight hundred and fifty-three, and for other purposes," approved thirty-first of August, one thousand eight hundred and fifty-two, to be applied to the payment of all expenses incurred prior to the first day of July, one thousand eight hundred and fifty-two; for carrying into effect the provisions of the act providing for the prosecution of the war between the United States and the Republic of Mexico, twenty-six thousand one hundred and fifty-six dollars and Efty cents. Pay ofnavy Sec. 2. "And be it further enacted, That the provisions, contained in

gg? °·** the act of the twenty-second April, eighteen hundred and nfty-four, adding

a per centage to the pay of the clerks employed at the navy—yard" in 1854, ch. 52. Washington city, be construed so as to include the clerks and messenger in the office of the Navy Agent for said yard, and the messenger in the Commandanfs office. Memphis. Src. 3. And Be it further enacted, That all the grounds and appur- _ tenanccs thereunto belonging, known as the Memphis Navy Yard, in Navy Yard Shelby county, Tennessee, be and the same is hereby ceded to the Mayor $1}:* *° M°m· and Aldermen of the city of Memphis, for the use and benent of said ' city, and that the Secretary of the Navy order the eommandant of said Pmviso as to Navy Yard at Memphis, to surrender to the Mayor of Memphis said ¥£;°;§%°:;$ p1‘0pGI‘lJyt Provided, That the accounting officers of the treasury, in Sotat Memphis. tlillg the accounts of the late Navy Agent at Memphis, shall not deduct