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PUBLIC LAW 99-000—MMMM. DD, 1986

100 STAT. 1282

State and local governments.

State and local governments.

PUBLIC LAW 99-498—OCT. 17, 1986

ing education programs, that address the purposes of this section; "(G) provide assurances that the program funded under this section does not duplicate existing State funded programs, and, in the case of any public institution, that the proposed program is consistent with the State's goals for that institution; "(H) provide the projected number of students who will participate in the program and the proposed operational budget for the program, including the specific amounts proposed to be expended for salaries; "(I) include assurances that the applicant intends to continue the activities to be supported under the grant after termination of the grant, including a detailed plan for obtaining funds to continue such activities; "(J) provide assurances that funds made available under this section will be used only for the purposes of this section; "(K) provide for a reasonable period of review and comment on the proposed program by the appropriate State agency and include any such comments with the application to the Secretary; and "(L) include such other information as the Secretary may reasonably require to carry out the provisions of this section. "(3) In awarding grants or contracts the Secretary shall give priority consideration to eligible institutions which— "(A) as appropriate, include area employer and employee organizations in the planning of the proposed continuing education activity and provide assurances of the continued participation of such organizations in the implementation, operation, and evaluation of the funded activities; "(B) include assurances that the appropriate State agencies concerned with postsecondary education and State labor market and economic agencies have been consulted in the development of the proposal; "(C) demonstrate a willingness to conduct and integrate into the curriculum work-oriented professional and technical continuing education programs; "(D) demonstrate the capacity to obtain contributions of staff, equipment, and resources for such programs from nonacademic sources, particularly employers; and "(E) provide assurances that adults enrolled in such programs will have access to suitable and adequate financial assistance opportunities, including Federal student aid funds available for students enrolled less than half time. "ESTABLISHMENT OF OFF-CAMPUS PROGRAM GRANTS

20 USC 1012.


Secretary shall establish a grant program to assist postsecondary institutions in developing programs to encourage the establishment and growth of off-campus educational programs. "(b) USES OF FUNDS.—Grants made under this section to any institution may be used for planning, developing, or operating a program designed by the institution to carry out the purposes of this section including— "(1) the development and use of high-technology educational delivery systems using computers, radio, television, teleconferencing, video-disc, print, any combination of such components.